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Dental Surgeon
Gandhi Hospital -
 Dy. Civil Surgeon, ( Dental –Retd).

President - Dr. Rao’s Oral Health Foundation,
President - Indian Dental Association ,Greater Hyd,
President - (Past) Indian Dental Association, A.P.State.
President - (Past )Razole Constituency S.C, B.C(C) Welfare Assn. Housing Society.
Secretary - (Past) A.P.State Govt.Doctors Association
Spokes Person - State Sneha Club
Bureau Chief – Snehavani Monthly News


B.Sc(Andhra University)    
PGDPR (Post Graduate Diploma in Public Relation)
B.D.S. (Osmania University - Govt. Dental College, Hyderabad). 
P.G.D.J. (Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism)
PGDHHM (Post Graduate Diploma in Health& Hospital Management.

DESIGNATION Dy. Civil Surgeon (Dental-Retd) Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

1. Student Leader - Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad – 1979-84.
2.   Memorandum- A personnel appeal  to  theHonourable Chief  Minister  Sri N.T. Rama rao regarding Professors  Irregularities & Harassment  towards students inGovernment  Dental  College, Hyderabad.
3.  Member- Indian Dental Association from 1978-84.
4.  Representative – class representative for II & III year B.D.S. 1979-81
5.  Mess Secretary - Osmania Medical College 1980-82
6.  First Vice President and President - Students Union Government Dental College and Hospital, Hyderabad 1981-82 7.  First President - Junior Doctors Association Andhra Pradesh 1984-85.


1.   Member - IDA Andhra Pradesh State Branch from 1984 till date.
2.   Joint Secretary- Andhra Pradesh State Branch, 1985-86.
3.   Executing Member- IDA Deccan Branch, 1985-86
4.   Organising Secretary- IDA A.P. State Branch Conference 1985-86.
5.   Hony. Secretary - IDA A.P. State Branch, 1986-87
6.   Executive Member- IDA Deccan Branch 1986-87
7.   Conference Secretary- IDA A.P. State Branch Conference 1986 -87.
8.   Hony. Secretary - IDA Andhra Pradesh State Branch, 1987-88.
9.   Vice President- IDA Deccan Branch 1987-88.
10.  Organising Secretary- IDA A.P. State Branch Conference 1987-88.
11. Hony. Secretary - IDA Deccan Branch 1988-89.
12. Vice President- IDA A.P. State Branch 1988-89.
13. Hony. Secretary - IDA Andhra Pradesh State Branch 1989-90.
14. Executive Member - Indian Prosthodontic Society Conference '90.   
15. Hony. Treasurer- IDA Deccan Branch 1990-91.
16. President Elect - IDA Deccan Branch 1991-92.
17. President - IDA Deccan Branch 1992-93.
18. Chairman - Cultural Committee - 3rd South Zone Conference 1994.
19. President Elect- IDA Deccan Branch 1997-98.
20. President - Iind term IDA Deccan Branch 1998-99.
21. President - IIIrd term IDA Deccan Branch 2000 – 2001.
22. President Elect – Indian Dental Association – A.P. State – 2003-200
23. President  -  Indian  Dental Association - A.P.State 2004-2005.
24. Organising secretary – AP State Dental conference - 2005, Hyderabad.
25. Founder Secretary – Indian Dental Association - 2010-2013, Greater Hyderabad.
26. President Elect –Indian Dental Association -2013-2014, Greater Hyderabad
27. Convenor(PRO) - National Indian Dental Conference-2014, Hyderabad.
28. President  - Indian Dental Association, Greater Hyderabad -2014-15


1.  Secretary - A.P Govt. Doctors Association 1998-2000 & 2000-2004
2.  Convenor (Jt) – Joint  Action Committee,  Gandhi Medical College & Gandhi Hospital,  Hyderabad 2000-2002.
3. Treasurer  - A.P.  Government  Doctors  Association, Gandhi Unit – 2002-2004
4. Secretary  - A.P Govt. Doctors Association 2004-2006 & 2006-2008
5. Secretary - AP Govt. Doctors Association- Total 12 years Experience


1. COLUMIST – A leading telugu daily newspaper ANDHRABHOOMI,
ACTIVITIES an article on Dental Awareness is been published on everywednesday in the sanjeeviniPage since two years.
2.  “DENTIST UNCLE BOOK”- The book was written by ME and published in telugu and it was Released on 4-12-2013 by Director general of police. Sri B. Prasadarao, IPS govt. of AP. The book is for the benefit of children dental and  oral health care.
3  “ChirunavukuChitkalu” Article (A series on dental education) publishedin Andhra Prabha daily Telugu News Paper, supplementary on SundayMagazines in the year of 2000 nearly 100 Issues were published.
4.  “Dentist  Uncle column”a series on Child Dental Healthcare, nearly 175 articles were published so far in Vaarth Daily Newspaper
5.  “HASINI COLUMN” a series on Mother & Child Dental Health Care under “CHELI” in Vaartha News Paper nearly 75 articles were published so far.
6.   “Naadi” Health Column” nearly 300 articles were published in Vaartha DailyNewspaper.
7.   Dental articles- many dental articles were published in Eenadu, Andhra Bhoomi and Deccan Chronicle daily newspaper to educate the public towards dental awareness.
8.   NAVYA COLUMN-many dental articles were published in Andhra jyothi daily news paper.
9.   DENTIPS COLUMN - a health column published insurya daily paper.
10. DENTAL CAMPS & MEDICAL CAMPS- Organized and participated 2142 Dental and Medical camps in Rural & Urban areas and schools in Andhra Pradesh.
11. DENTAL AWARNESS CAMPS -Dental health Education programme for school children more than 4.00 lakh and distributed 4.00 lakh Colgate tooth paste & Tooth Brushes and Booklets to each individual, sponsored by  Colgate Palmolive in 1998-till date
12. RADIO TALKS-Delivered on All India Radio above 100 talks on Dental Care,  Prevention of Dental Diseases and questions and answers to the letters etc.
13. TV TALKS- Telecasted 70 TV Programmeson Dental Care and Oral Health from Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad and other Telugu TV Channels.
14. DENTAL ARTICLES-Printed about 800 articles on Dental Care and Oral Health for the common public in various newspapers and health magazines.
15. PRESS PUBLICATIONS-Many articles in local newspapers regarding Dental Care "DO's &DON'ts".
16.  DENTAL HEALTH WEEK- Organised Dental Health Week Programme Twice in the Keyes High School, Secunderabad in 1987-88 and 1992-93.
17.  DENTAL HEALTH MONTH- Organised Dental Health month programme 2 times in 1987-88 and 1988-89.
18.  DENTAL CONFERENCES- Participated in nearly above 50 Dental Conferences of state, National and International levels.
19.  DENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAMMES-Conducted and attended nearly 250 C.M.E. Programmes.
17.  NATIONAL SEMINAR-Attended I and II National Seminar of Presidents and   Secretaries of  State Branches, Indian Dental Association.
18.  DENTAL PAMPLETS-Distributed nearly 3,00,000pamplets on Oral Health and  dental  care to the  general public
19. NO TOBACCO MONTH-  the month of may 1st to 31st every  year we are observing  no tobacco campaigns since 6 years .
20.  TOBACCO  INTERVENTION INITIATIVE (TII CENTER)-We oraganising no tobacco counselling centers and educating, awareness and treating the tobacco addicted patients and cancer patients
21.  NO TOBACCO DAY- we are organising every year May 31st ,Motorcycle Rallies ,campaigns ,road shows, awareness programmes for one month, in Hyderabad &Secunderabad since 30 years.
22. AIDS Day – Actively participating in the rallies  and  educating  the public on preventive measures every year since 30 years.
23.  DENTIST DAY- actively participating in conducting dental camps around the state in schools and in general public.
24.  CANCER DAY- Actively participating in conducting cancer awareness camps and educating the general public.
25.  WOMENS DAY-Oraganizing medical camps in the oldage homes and women&children homes in coordination with women organisations.
26.  WORLD HEALTH DAY- Conducting medical and dental camps in the disabled homes, dumb&deaf schools and slums around the state.
27.  ENVIRONMENTAL DAY-we are conducting awareness camps on pollution control in the home and surrounding areas and individual maintenance of hygiene.


1. CONVENOR JT (Joint Action Committee)-Gandhi hospital doctors and employees formed Joint Action Committee for the purpose of shifting of the Gandhi Hospital, from Secunderabad to  Musheerabad Jail Premises, and started an agitation on 2/10/ 2000 against the government opinion, in that agitation, I was the sphere head of the agitation and led it for 204 days continuously and Finally it was succeed by the  Hon’ble  Chief  Minister  Nara  Chandra Babu Naidu,declared 30 acres of Musheerabad Jail land and  the government of AP decided to construct new Gandhi hospital at the premises of musheerabad jail land, a project worth of 200 Crores which  was  inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra  Pradesh on 21st  November, 2003.It was a great achievement for the benefit of  general public and now it is one of the best hospital in ASIA and lakhs of people are availing superSpecialty treatments .
2. CONVENOR(Joint Action Committee) -The Chief Minister, Govt. of AP, Dr.Rajashekarreddy allotted 2 acres of land in front of Gandhi medical college to a private party and layed a foundation stone for the purpose of pediatric hospital. In view of this illegal allotment of land to the private party by the Chief Minister, I started an agitation in 2004 against the allotment along with the students. The agitation was continued for 40 days finally we succeed and the G.O was cancelled by the govt of AP.
3. PUBLIC RELATION OFFICER / LIAISON OFFICER - Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad.

4. RMO - Gandhi hospital, SECUNDRABAD
5. BOARD MEMBER– AP State board member for Dental camps &JanmaboomiProgrammes.
6. DENTAL CAMPS-Actively Participated in all JanmaboomiProgrammesorganized  by  Govt. of A.P
7. SECRETARY - Gandhi Hospital Medical Officers & Welfare Association 1998-2006.
8. CONVENOR - Gandhi Hospital Medical Officers  & Welfare Association 1990-93.
9. ORGANIZINGSECRETARY - A.P.State SC & ST gazettedofficers association,  A.P.State.
10. COMMITEE MEMBER – Formation of Darft G.Os  Committee In Dental surgery in medical & Health Department, Govt. of A.P.


1. MEMORANDUM- Submitted a Memorandum to the Chief Minster,Govt.
of AP on 13-2-93 for long pending problems regarding Govt. Dental  Surgeons.
2. DENTAL ASSISTANT SURGEON POSTS-     Filling upof the posts of 40 Dental Assistant Surgeons vacancies in 1994 by the Govt.
3. NEW DENTAL COLLEGE –approached Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of A.P. for one new Govt. Dental College at Vijayawada in thestate in 1994.
4. DENTAL DEPARTMENTS-Improved the infrastructures and equipments of Dental Departments in all Govt. Hospitals, Govt. of A.P.
5. MEMORANDUM- Submitted Memorandum to the Chief Minister Nara ChandraBabu Naidu on 26-12-1999 for long pending problems regarding Govt. Dental Surgeons, for which we achieved creation of Civil Surgeon Cadre and created 23 new Civil Surgeon (dental) Posts in all Dist. Hospitals, all over the State G.O.M.S.No.-181, dated 19th May, 2000.
6. MEMORANDUM -Submitted a memorandum to the Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. Rajashekarreddy on 23.12.2005 for increasing PG MDS Seats, to create new Dental Asst. Surgeon posts at Mandal Level .For which we achieved 14 to 180 PG seats in MDS course in the state and created 375 New Dental Asst. Surgeon Posts in the state.     


1. APPRECIATIONAWARD byHonourable “LOK SABHA SPEAKER Sri.G.M.C.BALA YOGI” for Best Social Service.
2. DALITHA  RATNA” awardfor 2005 by Govt of A.P.
3. APPRECIATION AWARD by the Collector ,Hyderabad District  in Janmaboomi Programme.
4. SPECIAL APPRECIATION AWARD by the Collector,MedakDistrict in Janmaboomi Programme on Aug 15th 1998.
5. “THE MAN OF ACHIEVEMENT’AWARD 1999 by International Publishing house Delhi
6. “THE BEST CITIZEN OF INDIA” AWARD 2000 by International Publishing House, Delhi.
7. “RASTRIYACHIKITSHASIROMANI”, “VAIDYARATNA”,“KALA KIRANALU”  awarded by various organizations. 
9. SPECIAL APPRECIATION AWARD Certificates from many voluntary organisations like Lions Club, Rotary Clubs & Cultural, Social, community and Medical organisations.            
10. SPECIAL APPRECIATION Certificate from Superintendent Gandhi Hospital,secbd
11. BEST DOCTOR AWARD on 1-07-2013 by Health care international
12. LIFE TIME ACHIEVMENT AWARD” by Govt. of A.P through the Health Minister & Chief Secretary, A.P On the occasion of NO TOBBACCO DAY 31-05-2012.
13. NATIONAL INTEGRATION AWARD by health care international on 26-01-2012.
15. SOCIAL WORKEXCELLENCY AWARD ON 24-07-2011 by ExraySahithyaSamskruthikaSevaSamstha
16. GLOBAL PEACE AWARD by Global foundation
19. BEST DOCTOR Award by Health Care International Organization in 2013
21. VAIDYA RATNA AWARD by J.B. Raju Foundation in 2014.


1. President - Dr. Rao's Oral Health Foundations.
2. President- Razole Constituency SC/BC(C) Welfare Association.
3. President-A.P.StateSchedule Caste Rights Protection Society (Health Wing).
4. Advisor- Dr.O.NageswaraRao YouthWelfareAssociation, Hyderabad.
5. President- Indira Educational Society for Poor.
6. Chairman- A.P. Urban and Rural Social Development Society Hyderabad.
7. Member- A.P. Public Relation Forum.
8. Member- Red cross society.
9. Member - Lions Club.
10. Member - Many cultural and community & Social and Medical Organisations.
11. Member -Actively involved in various activities of voluntary social organisation like Lions Club, Rotary Club, Jaycees Club.
12. Spokes Person- Sneha Club state, committee hyderabad


Name                :       Dr. OGURI NAGESWARA RAO
Parents              :       Sri.O. Narsaiah (Late), Smt. Kanthamma (Late)
Spouse              :       Smt. V. GEETHA (MPDO)
                                  Working as a MPDO at Sadasivapet, Medak Dist., Govt. of T.S.
Date of Birth      :       21st May, 1954
Marital Status    :       Married
Nationality         :       Indian
Native Place      :       Sakhinetipalli Mandal, Razole, East Godavari District.
Community        :       Scheduled Caste - Mala
Religion             :       Hindu



Dr.Rao’s  Dental Hospital,
LSY ESTATE,  # 8-3-945, 104.
Bata Road, Nagarjuna Nagar,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad – 500 073.


7-3RT, Flat No.303, Sri Sai Krishna Apartments                          
Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 038.A.P, India.



Ph: 9849014562
E-mail: dronrao@gmail.com